Class Plus 2.1 – Guaranteed Retirement Income for Life

Empire Life is proud to present Class Plus 2.1: Offering guaranteed retirement for life with unique Automatic Income Resets and Retirement Income privileges that adapt to changing retirement plans.

Class Plus 2.1 key features:

  • 5% Annual Income Base Bonus builds income potential
  • 4% Lifetime Withdrawal Amount (LWA) at age 65
  • Single & Joint Life tiered income options available at age 55
  • Automatic Income Resets mean client’s income may be bumped up
  • Retirement Income Privileges let clients stop & start their income
  • 75% Death and Maturity Benefit Guarantee
  • Death Benefit Guarantee, Income Base & Bonus Base reset automatically every 3 years
  • Potential for higher growth with 3 investment options offering 80% equity exposure
  • Excess Withdrawal Alert service to safeguard client’s guaranteed income
  • Competitive management and insurance fees
  • Available for both: RRSP and TFSA investments

Working with Empire Life Investments to help our clients achieve the retirement lifestyle they want!

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