What is Long Term Care Insurance?

Long Term Care Insurance is an insurance arrangement designed to meet the needs of individuals requiring assistance with the activities of daily living (ADL’s) and ensure a comfortable future.  In the event the insured is unable to care for themselves due to a chronic illness or cognitive impairment, Long Term Care Insurance pays a benefit to cover the cost of medical health and personal care services required to maintain day to day activities.

It provides a tax-free daily benefit to cover the cost of care at home or in an extended care facility of choice.  The benefit amount is sold in increments of $10 per day.  The maximum daily benefit amount varies based on the product.

Activities of Daily Living*

Long Term Care Plans will pay benefits when the insured can no longer perform 2 or more “Activities of Daily Living” (ADL’s) or is cognitively impaired.  These ADL’s include:

  • Toileting – the ability to do all of the following, with or without the aid of equipment.
    a) get to and from the toilet
    b) get on and off the toilet
    c) maintain a reasonable level of personal hygiene for the body
  • Dressing – the ability to:
    a) put on or take off garments and/or braces or artificial limbs; and
    b) secure and unfasten the garments or devices
  • Eating – the ability to consume food that has already been prepared and make available, with or without the use of adaptive utensils.  “Eating” does not mean an ability or inability to prepare the food.
  • Bathing – the ability to wash oneself completely in a tub, shower, or by sponge bath, with or without the aid of equipment.
  • Transferring (getting in and out of a chair (including a wheel chair) or bed.  If ap person can move with the help of equipment such as a cane, walker, crutches, grab bars or other support devices, then he or she will be considered able to transfer positions.

Depending on the plan selected, a policy could specify that benefits be paid for one year, two years, five years, or for the insured person’s entire life.

Facility Care

The basic coverage provides a daily benefit to pay for health and personal care services required by an insured person residing in a long-term care facility.

Home Care

An optional benefit purchased in addition to Facility Care insurance. This daily benefit reimburses the cost of home care for an insured person. Home care is defined as a medically necessary long-term care program, recommended by a physician and provided by a licensed nurse or health care worker in the insured person’s own home. Home care also includes help with everyday tasks such as cooking, cleaning and shopping.

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