Assisted Living Checklist

Choosing the right assisted living facility is as important as choosing the right house or condominium—it should be an involved and carefully thought-through process. Below are points for you to consider.

  • Visit the facilities which you are considering
  • Talk to the staff
  • Talk to the residents
  • Read any brochures and information offered
  • Make several visits at various times of the day and week so as to get a full impression
  • Tour the facilities paying special attention to the attitudes of the staff and residents as these are future housing mates
  • Find out the regulations that apply and ensure that the facilities have complied with these
  • Complete the checklist
  • Compare the findings of the checklist – establish your priorities and the importance of your findings
  • What are the trends in your community for this type of living
  • Involve your family members in your decisions
  • Tour the two finalists of the list with a family member
  • Decision-time