Where Do I Buy Life Insurance?

Once you’ve determined that you have a need for life insurance, you then need to decide where to buy it. And this is not a decision you want to take lightly. After all, purchasing the right amount and kind of life insurance might end up being the most important financial decision you’ll ever make.

So what are your options? Well, you could go to a bank, a credit union or a life insurance agent. However, many variables are involved in figuring out how much and what kind of life insurance to buy, plus you want to ensure that you have access the best products. Therefore,  it shouldn’t come as a big surprise that most people prefer to buy life insurance from a life insurance broker. A good broker will take the time to carefully assess your financial situation and long-range objectives. Also, because brokers have access to many companies, they are able to work with you to find the right products for your specific needs.

Ken MacCoy, CHS is an independent life insurance broker with over 30 years experience in the insurance industry and is currently contracted with 14 insurance providers.