Personal Life Insurance

Many people take the time to insure their homes, their cars and their personal belongings, but what about insuring the two things that have the most value – your life and your health?

Deciding whether or not you need this coverage doesn’t have to be any more complicated than determining your need for car or home insurance.

Think about it this way: insuring your life and health are really about insuring the income that supports your lifestyle.

Ask yourself, “if I die, will my family have the money to maintain their lifestyle?” If you’ve never considered critical illness, or long-term care insurance – (see our “living benefits” section) – ask yourself “if I get sick or if I can’t look after myself, who will pay the bills or look after my needs?”

Insurance doesn’t have to be complicated. That’s why we our here to help you better understand insurance so you can choose the protection that’s right for you.

While we trust the following information is informative and a great place to start, it doesn’t replace the advice from a professional advisor.

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